Are you struggling to hire early product management talent?

Do you have open reqs for early career product managers or associate product managers? Are you struggling to attract a diverse candidate set?

In the Lab can help!

The graduates of In the Lab have built a product end to end and gotten training and advice from top product managers and product leaders. They are talented and well prepared to land in your product teams and help build. They can help your product team look more like your customers, leading to better product outcomes.

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If you have early career product manager positions (including Associate Product Manager and Product Owner roles), we'd love to add your job to our internal In the Lab job board!

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If you're interested in hiring In the Lab product managers for your early career PM roles or learning more about our program, please add your contact information and we'll be in touch!

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Why your Product team needs to be diverse

Founder Emily gave a talk recently about the state of diversity in tech and product management and included some tips on how to attract and retain talented PMs from underrepresented backgrounds.

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