Product Managers are made In The Lab

In the Lab Product Management is a product manager incubator program specifically for people of underrepresented races and genders in tech. 

Trying to get into software product management with no experience? Career changer or non-traditional candidate? From an underrepresented group in tech? This program is literally built for you. 

12 weeks of building, learning, and networking. Let's go.

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Accepting applications for the 2023 cohorts!

There will be 3 cohorts in 2023:

  • Cohort 2 (Winter 2023 - January through March) FULL
  • Cohort 3 (Summer 2023 - April through July) Applications Close January 31st!
  • Cohort 4 (Fall 2023 - August through November)

A Hands On Product Manager Training Program

People transitioning into product management need on the job product manager experience to get their first job. But none of the trainings and certifications do that. In the Lab Product Management does.

  • Lessons from pros

    Product management professionals will walk you through PM basics and advanced concepts as you build your product.

  • Hands on Skill Building

    Go through the steps that PMs go through every day and build a real product, so you can land in a PM team and keep up.

  • Vetted curriculum

    Created by and with experienced product managers and product leaders, you'll learn the most critical skills for PMs and build your network.

  • Schedules for Busy people

    Flexible and focused on people who have schedules, like parents and people with jobs.

  • Build something you can share

    The product you build and your final presentation can be used for interviews and in your portfolio - no NDAs.

  • 12 weeks, 4-6 hours a week

    Curriculum covers discovery & research, scoping & sizing, UX & engineering, roadmapping & releasing.

Our final presentation with a panel of product leaders will give you actionable feedback and practice delivering a message to execs.

Questions? Some Answers

This program is brand new, so if your question isn't answered here, please contact us!

Need to hire product management talent?

Does this curriculum sound like what you want your PM hires to know? We'd love to make some connections!

Hire Our Candidates

We're creating a curriculum and a program to get career changers into product management. If your company is serious about D&I, we have candidates who are ready for an opportunity. 

Inform Our Curriculum

Have opinions on what we're teaching? Think we're missing something that you want to see in candidates to hire? As an early partner, we are interested in hearing your input and feedback on the program!

In the Lab is a bootstrapped program and free for the cohort. We always need help from current product managers and other well-wishers!

Want to help out?

Stay in touch!

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